Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pippin Call-Backs

Call-Back List
Leading Player: Isaac Chock, Sam Benson, Sam Bishop, Teagan Mann, Hadley Gordon, Brooke Tuinei
Pippin: Isaac Chock, Sam Benson, Sam Bishop, Kobe Black, Caleb Voss, Liam Isaak
Charlemagne: Sam Benson, Drake Hansen, Sam Cook, Liam Isaak
Fastrada: Skyley Loughton, June Sanford, Ashlyn Moulton, Teagan Mann
Berthe: Hadley Gordon, Rachel Carter, Brooke Tuinei, Hallie Purser
Catherine: Hadley Gordon, June Sanford, Rachel Carter, Ashlyn Moulton, Skyley Loughton, Teagan Mann
Theo: Claire Roper, Sam Cook, Bryant Fredrickson

You must pick up a script today and prepare your selections for call-backs after school on Thursday.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Auditions will be held August 31 and September 1.  Sign up on the trophy case outside the Drama room.
Come prepared with 16-24 bars of a contemporary broadway song.
Provide your own accompaniment.
ALL must attend the dance audition on September 2 from 2:30-4:30 pm in the Auditorium.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Little Women-Cast List

Jo- Charli Purser
Marmee- Addison Austin
Amy- Skyley Loughton
Meg- Tashiana Mann
Beth- June Sanford
Aunt March- Brooke Tuinei
Laurie- Ray Hernandez
Professor Bhaer- Issac Chock
Mr. Laurence- Taylor Manning
Mr. Brook- Garian Tippets

Braxton- Justin Speckhard
Rodrigo- Caleb Voss
Mrs. Kirk- Hallie Purser
Clarissa- Hadley Gordon
Knight-Drake Hansen
Hag- Leigha Beckes
Troll- Josh Hendley
Rodrigo 2- McKay Gordon

Ensemble (Ball, Hags, Trolls, Monks)
Liam Isaac
Wesley Castle
David Mitchell
Josh Evans
Omar Tsai
Marcus Harding
Noah Herde 
Kai Bradford
Jaycob Stevens 
Kobe Black
David Marron
Emily Nelson
Ashlyn Moulton
Megan Oscarson
Teagan Mann
Ensemble (cont...)
Ruth Voss
Katriela Lamb
Bethany Wilde
Bailey Morris 
Ji Eun Park 
Maddie Clark
Krystina Sorensen
Sam Chilcoat
Kassidy White
Chante Bronson
Brita Szymanski 
Taylor Hall
Amanda Steele
Elizabeth Crandall
Tori Thomas
Kayley Meyer
Brianna Black
Cydney Shields
Beth Rosenquist 
Hannah Harding
Rebekah Cannon
Ali Payton
Mikaala Price
Anna Cooper
Hannah James
Allisa Woodhouse
Camille Campbell 
Maggie Bradford
Lauren White

Cleo Blackthorn

Friday, July 4, 2014

2014-2015 Season

Next year will represent my 10 Annaversary at Provo High School.  To commemorate that event I have chosen to very disparate pieces, indicative of the kind of range that we try to cover in our program.  Our fall selection will be Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and our spring show will be the musical Little Women.  In addition we will be taking a Jazz era Macbeth to Shakespeare competition.
It stands to be an interesting year. Hope to see you all there.

Friday, December 14, 2012

MidSummer's Cast List

Theseus- Caden Elwood
Hippolyta- Lauren Peterson
Philostrate-Connor Law
Egeus- David Cofer
Demetrius- Zac Orton
Lysander- Taylon Mann
Hermia- Charli Purser
Helena- Katie Roper
Peter Quince- Teressa Thomas
Bottom- A.J. Taysom
Flute- Michael Allen
Starveling-Alex Swindler
Snug- Brittany Prows
Snout- Jarrith McCoy
Oberon- McKay Nelson
Titania- Emily Beukers
Puck- Ari Powell
Peaseblossom- Starla Ekhart
Cobweb- Kandace Steele
Mustardseed- Mariah Otterstrom
Moth- Addie Austin

Attendants:  Mckell Roddam, Kaitlynn Hawkins, Alyssa Jensen, Christeven Christiansen, Chandler Jensen, Tyler Howarth

Faeries:  Rosie Boel, London Sorenson, Skylee Loughton, Preston Shaw, Ji Eun Park, Jeremy Jensen, Brooke Tuinei, Maggie Bradford.
Pick up your scripts On MONDAY DECEMBER 17th.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Children Of Eden Cast

Thank you to all who auditioned for the Musical. You were all so very impressive. The following is the casting of the leading roles. A full cast list including chorus will be posted tomorrow morning outside the drama room. There is a cast meeting with parents at 5:00 pm on Friday in the auditorium.
Father- Jordan Stout
Adam- Andrew Holman
Eve- Madison Hall
Mama Noah- Kailey Green
Noah- Michael Larson
Cain- Taylon Mann
Abel- Michael Allen
Yonah- Maren Wilson
Japeth- Ari Powell
Seth- Caden Elwood
Aphra- Melissa
Ham- Cameron Sumsion
Aysha- Sophie Nauopo-Zelenak

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Our experimental version of Antigone. We performed both at PHS and at the Utah Theatre Association conference in St. George, UT.